This is one of my struggles as someone who identifies as sex positive first, asexual second.
I always feel bullied when I get to the part of (A)sexual where Dan Savage says it’s difficult for him, as a “sex positive person”, to embrace this sort of asexuality.
This post verbalizes Savage’s use of the term “sex positive” wonderfully, putting it in terms of the sexual freedom Olympics.

The Asexual Agenda

I’m writing it on and on : I’m asexual and sex-positive. Even AVA, our French organization, is sex-positive. And I surely don’t want anybody to think otherwise. I don’t want anybody to believe that I have anything but respect for the consensual practices of others. So I keep writing that I’m asexual and sex-positive. But this is not a complete truth.

As you may or may not know, asexuality is often interpreted as being inherently anti-sex or as a judgment against the sexuality of others. And in fact, we’re often assigned to the wrong side of sexual freedom. There’s been quite a lot of discussion on this subject, like the Kaz’s piece that my friend Wonktnodi has translated in French. And as a matter of fact, we’re not the only group that is consistently encouraged to “free” itself sexually. It’s as if some sexualities were less free than others. And…

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